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The mission statement of KNRTU-KAI: to educate the elite engineers who are physically and mentally healthy and needed for the country.

The vision statement: KNRTU-KAI by 2026 is going to become an engineering-entrepreneurship university, ranked in Top-15 among Russian universities as well as in 700+ in world university rankings.

The mission and vision define strategic objectives for KNRTU-KAI development as becoming one of the leading international and national technical universities, achieving leading positions in certain subject areas of high-tech engineering based on turning talents into an engineering elite which is capable of generate new knowledge, technologies, methods and competences, thereby ensuring competitiveness of the university, development of the Republic of Tatarstan and contribution to the national development of the Russian Federation.

The implementation of quality management principles, use of experience of the best scientific and educational world schools, engagement of Russian and foreign partners provide the university with leading positions in the field of science and innovation.

The quality policy of KNRTU-KAI is aimed at constant improvement of academic and research quality, taking into account the requirements and wishes of all stakeholders. The policy also ensures the effectiveness of measures to guarantee quality of military goods.

The quality policy of academic and research activities is based on:

  • Use of innovations in the field of education, research and technology, desiring for excellence in the professional environment;
  • Continuing professional development of academic staff and researchers;
  • Development of partnerships with industrial and scientific organizations of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation;
  • Development of international cooperation in the field of science and education;
  • Corporate culture that provides open and comfortable internal environment.

In order to implement the stated quality policy, the university top-management assumes full responsivities to strictly comply with the requirements of Russian legislation and international standards, allocate adequate resources and constantly improve the quality management system.