KNRTU-KAI Enters the SCImago Institutions Rankings for the First Time


The university is represented in the 11 subject areas of the SCImago Institutions Rankings 2021.

The SCImago has published university subject rankings for the first time (in partnership with Elsevier). Previously the compilers of the SCImago IR submitted overall university rankings solely.

KNRTU-KAI has entered the short-list of 11 subject areas out of 19. The university has been ranked not only in engineering and natural science sectors of the SCImago IR but also in such sectors as humanities and socio-economic science.

In the overall university ranking in 2021, KNRTU-KAI took the 828th place in the world and the 72nd place among Russian universities. In total, 4126 universities from all over the world are represented in the SCImago IR, including 155 universities from Russia.

The university ranking is composed in accordance with three crucial criteria: Social impact, evaluated by article level metrics, number of university’s website pages and backlinks in social networks; Research work based on publications, citation and quality of articles; Innovative work of the university, assessed in terms of the number of patent applications and its citation.

FYI: SCImago Institutions Rankings is an international ranking of educational and research institutions, compiled by the SCImago Research Group. It is a Spain-based research organization consists of members from the Spanish National Research Council, University of Granada, Charles III University of Madrid and other education institutions. Universities are assessed through independent sources - according to data provided by the international databases during the last five years.